How have you been navigating the waters of life recently ? ...

Are you being pulled by forces greater than yourself into something completely different than what you had planned or expected?

Are you an agent of Radical Change – in your community, your world, or in your own life?

Do you know you are meant to make a BIG impact and help to shift the trajectory of our human presence on our planet?

Are you ready to break free from the illusions, false ethics, and failing systems of the modern, mainstream world?

If so, I want to invite you to a very special Global Transformation Event that you're going to love:

 Click on the image above to register!

Click on the image above to register!

25 experts, thought leaders, shamans, healing practitioners, and change-making influencers are waiting to engage with you in an inspiring & empowering conversation.

We will open up NEW possibilities and vast opportunities for YOU, as we step courageously, together, into Radical Change.


So many people today are going through truly challenging times. 

Are you one of them? 

Whether you are experiencing:

  • Concerns about our environment and political situation

  • Seeing friends or loved ones go through obstacles & challenges

  • Stuck in a situation that you don't know how to change

  • Money worries

  • Health problems of yourself or a loved one

  • The loss of someone dear to you

  • Feeling depressed or hopeless

  • Feeling fearful & anxious

  • Wishing you could make a difference but not having the clarity you need to take action ...

Here's What You Need to Know:

Whenever we are going through difficult times, it's absolutely necessary to take in other perspectives that can help us to see our situation more clearly.


It's especially helpful to listen to the wisdom of elders, teachers, healers and thought leaders who have been through similar challenges before, and who can offer sound advice to guide you. 

We live in a time of rapid evolution, more rapid than at any other known time in human history. 

Sweeping changes are occurring daily, both in our inner / personal / spiritual lives, as well as in the external realities of society, economics, education, politics, environment, and so on. All of this can be unsettling, to say the least. 

But while things feel extremely difficult, we know in our hearts that there is always a higher reason for the things we are going through.

We are being guided through these times by powers much more ancient & intelligent than ourselves! 

We need to remind ourselves frequently that: 

Fairyland Canyon Utah w Milky Way_1280.jpg

A different way ~ A different perspective ~ A different mode of operating is not only possible, but also readily available to us at every moment.


The Embracing Radical Change Global Transformation Event has been designed to bring you new ideas, open you up to vast opportunities, and allow you to step into your highest self ... Rather than staying stuck in the old, dense, heavy ways of being to which we've become accustomed.

You are invited to join 25 thought leaders, shamans, teachers, healers, and experts ...

broadcast LIVE and in real time! 

You'll hear them present paradigm-shifting material ...

And then you'll get to ask the speakers your own questions during the Q&A.

You'll also have the chance to engage with a global community of like-minded changemakers in the chat and on the private Facebook page.


Here Are Our Brilliant Speakers:

(more photos being added daily)

This transformational event is FREE to all registered attendees.

Simply click the button below to register today, and we'll send you everything you need to know to get the most out of Embracing Radical Change!


Know that you have been sent here at this momentous time

to ignite long-lasting, catalyzing change.


We live in a time of rapid evolution, in which EVERYTHING is changing.

The old systems and structures that previously defined our lives (government, education, social support systems, our economic model, and more) are breaking down.

The old ways of doing and being are crumbling.

This is a painful process, bringing to light much that we have feared to face in the past.

And yet this process is happening for a reason. There is a larger plan. The systemic breakdown process is powerfully creating space for a new and brighter future.

We, who are alive at this time, are the ones told of in the ancient prophecies – We are the ones our ancestors have been waiting for.

"And this time, Creator has sent his very best."

~ Lyla June Johnston

Even when we feel weak or disempowered …

Even when we are filled with self-doubt …

Even when we can’t see or understand how this world and the mounting global crises could possibly be turned around …

And especially when things seem overwhelming or out of control …

We have a knowing, deep in our hearts, that we are here, we were sent to live at this momentous time, to create & activate long-lasting, catalyzing change.

Radical Change.

Change at such a profound & expansive level that our parents & grandparents could not possibly comprehend it, based on what has been known & experienced before.

We are being called to create something entirely new.

We are in the midst of a birthing process. 

We have what it takes to build the new world from the ashes of the old.


Each new generation coming in possesses greater capabilities & more expansive levels of seeing beyond the illusions and lies of our modern world, to the higher potentialities available to us at this momentous time.


Let's consciously endeavor to unlearn the illusions of our modern world ...

And activate new truths about the future of humanity.


How can we fully reject the illusions of the modern world and place life at the center once again?


Only through sweeping Radical Change, on both a personal and a collective level, can this massive revolution be accomplished.


Are you in?

The Embracing Radical Change speaker series is FREE to all registered attendees.

Simply click the button below to register today, and we'll send you everything you need to know to get the most out of this special event!

Our speakers can't wait to share their life-changing wisdom with you!


This has been my invitation to each & every speaker in Embracing Radical Change:

Let's talk about the things that everyone else is afraid to address.


Let's speak our full & real truth, in order to inspire everyone listening to stop worrying about societal pressures, how we might be limited, or what's holding us back.

It's time to break free from all of that.

Let's give one another permission to step OUTSIDE of our every day comfort zone and talk about the TRUTH. 

If we want to have a different experience on this planet, we need as many people as possible to be involved in living very differently than we have been.

Let's walk on the edge and initiate some REAL conversations about what is actually happening in our world and what we can do to heal, to move forward, to change our trajectory.

Let's talk about possibilities, the ways that we CAN create the Radical Change that we want to see, and the vast opportunities available to us at this time.

Let's discuss how we can build a new human existence, a new human consciousness, to transcend the paradox and fears, and let's explore practical ways that we can each embody a higher energetic frequency every day.


Here are some of the topics our speakers will present:

Clare Dubois, founder of TreeSisters: Erotic Rage - Feminine Fire

Dustin Urban: How Altered States of Consciousness Will Change the World

Mark Borax, renowned astrologer: Spiritual Outlaws Storming Heaven

Alexandra Pope: The Radical Power of the Menstrual Cycle

Simone Wright: Returning to Eden: The Electrical Adam & Eve and Accessing the Life Blood of the Universe

Amanda 'Pua' Walsh: How Astrology Can Help You Navigate the Radical Changes of our Future

Marina Jacobi: The Quantum Structure of Change & Acceptance

L. R. Heartsong: Surrender, Forgiveness, and the Sacred Giveaway

Brooke Medicine Eagle: The Beginning of Everything - Wisdom of the Deep Feminine

Jewels Wingfield: Sacred Activism ~ Harnessing the Creative Sexual Power of the Menopause

(More topics being added daily)


Are you in?

The Embracing Radical Change speaker series is FREE to all registered attendees.

Simply click the button below to register today, and we'll send you everything you need to know to get the most out of this special event!