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Our Speakers & Topics

Discover powerful new tools & strategies from our leading experts, wisdom keepers, thought leaders, scientists, healers, and teachers:

Jocelyn Pic 1_Circle_300x300.png

Jocelyn Mercado

Why Being Bold & Fearless Changes EVERYTHING

Pat McCabe_Circle.png

Woman Stands Shining

Re-Membering the Sacred Hoop of Life

Charles Eisenstein 300x300 Circle.png

Charles Eisenstein

Come on, Is Earth Really Alive?

Clare Dubois_300x300 Circle.png

Clare Dubois

Erotic Rage ~ Feminine Fire

Teal Swan Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Teal Swan

Loneliness: The World Wide Epidemic

Maleda Gebremedhin 300x300 Circle.png

Maleda Gebremedhin

Women Birthing the Womb of Life: The Secret Evolutionary Movement Vital to the Survival of Humanity

Brooke Medicine Eagle_300x300 Circle.png

Brooke Medicine Eagle

The Beginning of Everything ~ Wisdom of the Deep Feminine

Simone Wright New Pic 300x300 Circle.png

Simone Wright

Returning to Eden ~ The Electrical Adam & Eve and Accessing the Lifeblood of the Universe

River Heartsong 300x300 Circle.png

L.R. Heartsong

Surrender, Forgiveness, and the Sacred Giveaway

Yaacov and Susannah 300x300 Circle.png

Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan

The Embodiment Revolution

Terry Patten 300x300 Circle.png

Terry Patten

How to Train Ourselves for the Evolutionary Olympics

Marie Mbouni 300x300 Circle.png

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Manifesting a New Earth through our Erotic Nature

Amanda Pua Walsh Pic 300x300 Circle.png

Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh

How Astrology Can Help You Navigate the Radical Changes of our Future

Lorna Li_circle.png

Lorna Liana

Unleash A Movement Through the Power of Your Soul Purpose

Dr John Ryan_300x300 Circle.png

Dr. John Ryan

Radical Divinity: The "New Human" Power to Heal and Transform

Tayria Ward_300x300.png

Dr. Tayria Ward

The Subtle Worlds and the Law of One's Own Being

Rachel New Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Rachel ~ Aeolian Heart

How to Shine Through a Glass Darkly: Venus' Retrograde in Scorpio

Susan Jenkins 300x300 Circle.png

Susan Jenkins

Our Hidden Stories: How They Dampen Our Power & Why They Must Be Told

Veronica Goodchild_300x300.png

Veronica Goodchild

Edge Thoughts: Synchronicities, UFOs, Crop Circles, and Pilgrimage, as Initiatory Doorways

Dustin Urban Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Dustin Urban

How Altered States of Consciousness will Save the World

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlizter_300x300.png

Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

The Radical Power of the Menstrual Cycle

Mark Borax Photo_300x300.png

Mark Borax

Spiritual Outlaws Storming Heaven

Marina Jacobi_300x300.png

Marina Jacobi

The Quantum Structure of Change and Acceptance

Robert Romanyshyn Pic_300x300 Circle.png

Robert Romanyshyn

Edges and Margins: Living and Working in Exile

Kedar Brown_300x300 Circle.png

Kedar Brown

Rites of Passage Initiation & The ReWilding of Human Nature

Jewels Wingfield 300x300 Circle.png

Jewels Wingfield

Sacred Activism – Harnessing the Creative Sexual Power of the Menopause

Amanda Nitschke 300x300 Circle.png

Amanda Nitschke

Communicating with Creation: Another Language

Gina Sager_300x300 Circle.png

Gina Sager

Self-Empowering Medicine: Break Free from Survival Mode and Catalyze Deep Healing

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Praise for Previous Events

Here are just a few comments from attendees of previous events created by Jocelyn Mercado:


“Thank you for this whole amazing gift.  What a wonderful journey. I am so happy to have met you through these videos.  You are a beautiful and real human being.  You exude a sense of peace and gentleness.” ~ A. H.


“Thank you thank you for the most beautiful, enriching, deep program you offered to the world; I have listened to each interview awaiting each day with such eagerness and pleasure and emotions. I have taken plenty of notes in a special journal, dedicated to your offerings. So inspirational, motivating, boosting this is.” ~ M. M.


“Thank you for such a wonderful conference, I received so many gifts from your (and your guests) offering. Blessed Be, and may you follow your gifts and calling with ease and grace. Your work is important and much needed and appreciated.” ~ K. B.


“Thank you so much Jocelyn, I really had an amazing time listening to your interviews and I must say that I also had some real breakthroughs and shifts along the way. Thank you for an amazing experience, couldn't have come at a better time. Loved it, keep doing what you're doing, and a big YES it was a BEAUTIFUL ADVENTURE!” ~ A. M.


“Words can not say how much I enjoyed this program, I was touched by many of the speakers and now they seem like family! .....THANK YOU SO MUCH!” ~ M. S.